A sip of home.

I was born in Germany, but originally my family comes from Poland. Sadly, I don’t visit my family there very often, so that also means that I miss out on all the delicious food you can eat over there. But luckily, not far from where I live, a Polish shop opened! And they also have my favorite beverage, Tymbark! It’s so tasty and goes really with ice cubes when it’s already chilled. Even my boyfriend kept going on about how much he liked it when he tried it some time ago at my place, so today we went to the Polish shop to buy some more. Always reminds me of summers spent in Poland when I was younger, carelessly playing in the huge garden with my cousins until late in the night. There are just no memories like childhood memories!

Day 57.

Day 57.

Dog days of summer.

Summer in the city, at last! The last few days were so hot, I could barely move outside. So yesterday I spent all day in my terrace, reading my flow magazine, the fourth game of thrones book, and playing Nintendo 3ds.


Day 55.

Also, my family left for their summer vacation yesterday. Our family owns a caravan, and since I was little, we used to pack everything up and drive through Europe, enjoying three to four weeks of holidays! Because staying in a caravan is so much cheaper than a hotel, we could always stay away for a few weeks. So, because they’re away now, I am turbine who has to take care of the flowers… The only problem is that I am really bad an taking care of flowers! No matter which flower I try to raise, they all whither after some days… I really hope I can keep these alive, so long as my family is gone!


Day 56.

A lifelong companion.

There aren’t many things in our lives that stay with us for ever. Sometimes unfortunately, sometimes luckily. But usually we become sad, if something that accompanied is for a very long time leaves us. So, in a world where everything changes so quickly, it is always reassuring to have a few things that remind you of quieter times. One of those things for me is my oldest plushie, which I received when I was born. It is a bunny plushie, which for years I used as a pillow. When I was younger, I wouldn’t sleep without my bunny being in my bed. Then, when I became a teenager, of course I suddenly felt to cool and grown up to still sleep with my bunny… So I put him in one of my cupboards, where he remained for a few years. But after I truly grew up I found him again, hidden away, and the only thing that was appropriate to do was to take him out again and place him on my sofa, where he had his place of honor since then. To be honest, when I took the bunny plushie out of the cupboard, I even felt a little guilty that I had looked him up for such a long time, while this plushie shared my whole life with me. But luckily, this is the best thing about plushies and childhood memories; they never judge not accuse you! So I took him out, cuddled with him, and immediately, we were good again!


Day 54.

Where I got my idea from.

I finally bought the new German flow magazine, which came out yesterday! Yay! I was waiting for it for the last two months to be published, I think… But now I can hold it in my hands! I haven’t had the time yet to read it, but even flicking through it made me happy!

In fact, it was the flow magazine that have me the idea and inspiration to start my little 365 days project. I wanted to blog for quite some time before, but somehow I could never really think of any topic to post about. Now, with posting a new photo every day, each day I have a new topic I can write about! This really helps to improve your creativity, and it’s also really addicting. I’m also over day 50 now, time goes by so fast somehow… Looking forward to the next 50 days and more!


Day 53.

It’s pancakes again.

Some time ago I posted about a great recipe I found for pancakes. It’s not hard to make pancakes obviously, and there are a million recipes for pancakes on the internet, to be sure… But why not add one? So, a few weeks I promised to upload my recipe, and here it comes:

4 eggs
150g sugar
250g curd
100ml milk
200g flour
One bag of baking powder

Mix 4 egg yolks with the sugar. After that, add the curd first, then the milk. Mix the flour with the baking powder and add to the batter. Lastly, whisk the egg white stiff and slowly mix it with the batter, using a big spoon. Don’t mix too much, the batter should stay fluffy! Then you are ready to make the pancakes!

To top all of this, I mixed vanilla yoghurt with frozen raspberries and layered the pancakes with the yoghurt. On top, out some raspberries, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Absolutely delicious!!!


Day 52.

At the Queen’s audience.

I visited a queen today! Well, to be honest, it was not a real queen… But the ship called Queen Mary 2, which is the biggest cruise liner in the world! The Queen Mary 2 usually travels between Hamburg and New York. Of course it also has other destinations, but it frequents Hamburg a couple of times a year, and it’s always so interesting to watch the ship sail in or out of the harbor. In fact, the Queen Mary looks more like a floating building than a ship, when you stand closely in front of it and watch it sail by. It is really amazing to think that such a huge and heavy construction can float so easily… All in all, I find it always really impressive, each time I see the ship! So today me and my boyfriend decided to visit the ice cream parlor directly next to the cruise center where the Queen Mary lies at anchor, so we had a splendid view when we sat outside to enjoy the ice cream!

(Unfortunately, I forgot my R2 at home today… So stupid! So I had to take a picture of the picture I took off the ship…)


Day 51.

A gift from Hong Kong.

This morning when I woke up and walked into the kitchen, a small parcel was waiting for me on the kitchen table… My delivery from an Etsy shop called Pikwah Chan! I was so happy when I saw that it finally had arrived, I might have squealed for a good 5 minutes, I think… I ordered it around three weeks ago, but as it came from Hong Kong, it took some time to arrrive at my door mat.

Even the envelope was so cute already, decorated with washi tape and some stickers, there really was some love put into this! It made me really happy to see that the sender put some thought and efforts into the package, it was a lot more personal than receiving a parcel from a huge online shop. And inside the envelope was the stationery I ordered. Three beautiful washi tapes with floral and heart patterns, and some adorable panda sticky notes, on which you can write your to-do lists down. But what really surprised me was that there was another package of sticky notes in there! They packed in a gift for me, which I think is so loveable and friendly!! The notes are in the form of a big pink macaron, topped with cream and a strawberry. Perfect! I’m definitely going to order again at this shop.

Of course I already tried out my new tapes and notes, and I absolutely love them. Especially the blue tape with the
rose pattern looks so lovely in my planner. I also glued the tapes on the shelves of my bookshelf, as they have the exact same width. The tapes fit perfectly and make my shelf look beautiful, too! So all in all, I couldn’t have made a better decision as to buy them, so happy!


Day 50.

Also: Yay, 50 days already, time goes by so fast!