Book Review: Notes From a Small Island.

Bill Bryson Notes From a Small Island

It is time for another book review! I am slowly rehabilitating from my inability to read books, caused by insane amounts of novels I had to read during my English Literature degree, so I can finally start to fill up this category with more content.

The latest book I finished, in fact, half an hour ago, is Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson. Originally published in 1995, it is having a revival now that its sequel The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes From a Small Island was published  in October last year.

Bill Bryson Notes From a Small Island

Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

For those who have never heard of the book or Bill Bryson, he is an American author who became famous through books on language, history, science, and travel. For years, he lived in the UK and was also the Chancellor of Durham University, where I did my postgraduate degree last year. This fact, and the reputation of Notes to be the book that best represents Britain were more than reason enough for me to read it. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance.

Trying to find reoccurring patterns around us, seeing the ‘dance‘ of nature… this is this week’s photo challenge!

Two days ago, I went on a day trip to the coast of the Baltic Sea. Living in Hamburg, the beach is very close; it takes us only about an hour by car to get there. I remember that when my sister and I were younger, our parents used to take us there almost every weekend, to play in the sand and breathe in fresh sea air.

While I was walking along the beach with my sister, I tried to stand as close to the water as possible without getting my shoes wet, always inching a little bit closer to the water and then jumping away once the waves came. I believe that we should never forget our inner child and this simple dance between the coming and going waves was a wonderful little game!

Here are some of the photos I took:

standing at the beachChasing the waves.

Waves rolling onto the beachWatching the dance of the waves.

It was a rather grey day and still cool, although it was the first day of spring. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the salty sea air and watching the waves for a little while.

Cascara: Making Tea out of Coffee.

Coffee cherries by Larry Jacbosen, Flickr

Everyone knows coffee, right? It’s that much-beloved drink that either gets us ready to face real life when we’re having an early morning or that can also be enjoyed like a complex and delicious specialty with lots of wonderful aromas and tasting notes to discover. ( Maybe you can tell, I’m clearly a fan of the second option…)

But what if I told you that you can make tea out of coffee? Curious? Let me explain! Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony.

As so often, my contribution to the weekly photo challenge is a little last minute, but still on time! And that’s what counts, after all… isn’t it?

This week’s word is harmony, and one of the most harmonious places I could think of in Hamburg is definitely the Japanese garden in the big park in the city center, called ‘Planten un Blomen’ (which is Low German for ‘Plants and Flowers’).

The Japanese garden is certainly one of my most favorite places in my hometown, and I love strolling through it, no matter in which season. Continue reading

My Monthly Memories: February.

My Monthly Memories by Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert

Several weeks ago, actually at the beginning of February, I was tagged by Basant She in her ‘My Monthly Memories‘ blogging event. At least, I think she tagged me. Or told me about it in a comment. I can’t exactly remember. But none of this matters, as long as I’ve heard about it, right? Because I believe it is a fantastic idea to create an archive about every month that passes in our lives!

In ‘My Monthly Memories’, each month, you recall in a blog post what you experienced, achieved, what was important to you, or what kind of challenges you faced. Simply, a summary of your month, covering everything that was important to you.

February in Midori Traveler's NotebookFebruary beginning in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

I have to admit, I missed out on recalling January… But that doesn’t stop me from starting this project a little late, right? So let’s get right into it! Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind.

I love this weeks prompt! Capturing your state of mind in a photo can be such a creative challenge, especially because I believe there is never only one thing going on in your mind, but a multitude of emotions.

As some of my readers may already know, at the moment I’m looking for a job, planning on leaving Germany and moving to the UK, and also busy with a number of other work-related commitments. In between all of this, sometimes I have a very hard time to stay calm and concentrate on my tasks. Often I feel a little overwhelmed by my plans and a future that seem rather uncertain, but I try every day to maintain a positive outlook on things. More or less successful, of course.

Continue reading

A Trip to Berlin, Part Two: Coffee & Stationery.

Midori traveler's notebook

Apart from visiting all iconic sights and memorials in Berlin, which you can read about here, of course, I had to visit all the great coffee shops in the capital, as well. Being the prepared coffee nerd that I am, I made a list of all the coffee shops I wanted to visit and also saved their addresses in my Google maps app (pro tip!), so that I could easily navigate our way to our next caffeine fix.

As someone who gets incredibly excited over coffee even before drinking any of it, I was very much looking forward to visiting a few new places that I’ve had heard so much about before. So if you’re planning a trip to Berlin soon, or just want so see a few photos of pretty coffee shops, read  on!

Continue reading