Book Review: A Whole Life.

2016-02-01 23.14.48

I recently finished A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler. Written in simple yet enchanting prose, this short book kept me captivated for an entire Sunday night; I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished it at 1 am.

A Whole Life originally came out in German towards the end of 2014, but somehow I only heard about it when it was published in the UK a year later. (That’s how much, in my head, I still live in the UK, while rather feeling a little foreign in my own country…) When I walked past a Waterstones in January I noticed this book with a beautifully designed cover sitting in the shop window, and just glancing at it made me stop, turn around, and walk inside the bookshop.

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A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler

The cover of A Whole Life depicts a rather abstract image of a hilly countryside, it strongly reminded me of Iceland’s landscape. However, it turns out that the story of this book takes place in the Alps, which I find just as fitting. As the title says, it tells the story of an entire life, in as little as 149 pages. That in it self I found fascinating, and I bought the book immediately. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant Watercolors.


Catching up on the Weekly Photo Challenge, I found this week’s keyword to be “vibrant“. After the initial emptiness in your head you experience when you’re prompted for a quick idea, it only took me a few seconds to come up with my contribution to this photography project.

Some 2 or 3 years ago, I bought a set of watercolors. And because I am a person who is always scared of wasting things, I have barely used it yet. I love crafts, painting and everything creative, but I always feel like I’m not good enough at it. So when it comes to actually using up some of my art supplies stash, I’m always a bit hesitant. I know this attitude is a bit contradictive; as long as I don’t practice, I won’t become better, so I will continue to feel like I might be wasting something.

So this week, I decided to get out my watercolors again and play around with them. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism.


Optimism is something that I really struggle with at the moment. Having graduated from university but not having found a job yet, dark winter days, and lots of work that hopefully, at some point, will get me where I want to be, do take their toll.

Everyone keeps on telling me to cheer up because things are not actually as bad as I see them. I believe this is true, but sometimes it really isn’t easy to snap out of this gloomy mood that can make me feel depressed for days.

However, there are things that always brighten my days. A good book will always provide me with an escape from everyday problems. Simply going outside is often the most simple solution; going for a walk around the harbor or seeing the first (even if actually too early) signs of spring reminds me that there is a great big world out there and ultimately, my problems are very small compared to some serious issues out there.

So here’s to optimism and believing in yourself. Often, we only need to remind ourselves that things are not as bad as they might look like, however hard that might be sometimes. So grab a book, go for a coffee, meet a friend, call your mum – there’s always room for optimism.


Stationery Shopping in Liverpool.

Eager to use my new supplies in my Midori!

Last week I came back home from Liverpool and now I finally found the time to write a post about all the lovely stationery I found there!

As a self-pronounced stationeryholic, I cannot pass any store that has any beautiful pens, papers, or notebooks without going in. Even though I try not to accumulate too much clutter, this is one area where I really struggle to say no. And so it happened that I walked into a shop called Utility, a “store selling modern, original designer furniture, lighting, home accessories, gifts, watches and jewellery”. Located on Liverpool’s busy Bold Street (and also very close to Bold Street Coffee), this shop offers a wide array of all things beautiful and stylish.

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An Award. For Me?

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So two days ago I woke up to a new WordPress notification. Someone nominated me for the Liebster Award! That lovely person was mariemathilda, and she’s blogging about her healing journey after experiencing trauma and soon moving to Berlin, Germany. Please go and have a read over at her’s, such important and interesting topics!

Now for the award, it is given to bloggers who are just starting out or don’t have over 200 followers. What a wonderful way to get your blog out there, maybe gain some new followers, and also explore other people’s blogs! I really feel that the WordPress community is so well organized, and even for beginners like myself, there are so many things to get involved in from the moment you set up your blog, like blogging101, daily prompts, weekly challenges, and much more. I’m really happy to now be part of all this!

Liebster award

Part of receiving the Liebster Award is answering 10 questions the person who nominated you decides. So here we go!

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UK Coffee Shop Favorites.

latte art heart

As someone who is addicted to coffee and what my boyfriend calls “the coffee lifestyle”, one of my favorite things to do is to explore new coffee shops wherever I go. If you like coffee anywhere near as much as I do, you’ll probably relate to this.

I just came back from the UK, and I have been to two of my best-liked coffee shops in England. Now, these won’t be big names such as Kaffeine or Prufrock in London. These places provide more than wonderful coffee. These two coffee shops are important to me because I frequently visited them while living in the UK last year. (Yes, apparently even coffee shops can have sentimental value for a coffee nerd…)

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Back in Durham for Graduation.

Durham Market Square

I somehow lacked the feeling of closure.

SO much has happened in the last week! After what felt to be four endless months, I finally went back to Durham to attend my graduation.

After I moved back to Hamburg last September, I often couldn’t believe that my time at Durham University was over. It felt like I was just on a break, but eventually would be back. As I had handed in my dissertation back in September but my graduation didn’t take place until January 14th, I somehow lacked the feeling of closure.

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