Hand lettering – easier said than done.

For a looong time I’ve been watching videos and tutorials on how to learn hand lettering. Since I was a teenager I was interested in beautiful typography and even bought a calligraphy fountain pen, yet somehow I never really got it right… As beautifully and apparently easily talented people produce the most amazing and fluent fonts, as hard it is to imitate them. Like I said, I love watching people write with all kinds of markers, fountain pens, brush pens, brushes and so on, and for some time now I had the plan to try it out myself. So I went to my local craft store again, and bought a Faber Castell pitt artist pen, even though these are pretty expensive and I’m a bit short on money right now. But no great result without great tools, right? Plus, the colors they have are just so beautiful! I already had one in a light green tone, but I thought that a “deep scarlet red” would look much better when writing. Well I have to say, the color DOES look really vibrant and amazing! About my hand lettering… that’s another story. I never thought this would be so complicated… my first tries really looked like nothing… but I kept trying and varying how I held the pen and that seemed to improve my writing a bit. Still, if I want to achieve as great results as I found all over youtube and instagram, I still have a long way to go. But hey, I was really happy that I finally tried it out and I’m definitely gonna work on it from time to time. Maybe I can show you some better results in a few weeks, so keep up to date on my beginnerish attempts on hand lettering!


Day 15.

Day 15.

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