Writing 101: Happy I-don’t-like-that!

Fruit Loops

First of all, I’m totally behind on this project… I’m already writing a post a day about my 365 days project, so unfortunately, I mostly just do not find the time to write about anything else. Also, I didn’t really have a spontaneous idea for the last few tasks, and no time to come up with any… but today, here I go with today’s assignment; a happy memory about a favourite childhood food!

Actually, here starts another problem. When I was a child, I just hated eating! I wouldn’t eat anything. I was able to literally spend hours at the table, barely touching my food. And yes, I did use “literally” correctly in the last sentence. My mother would go crazy over me not eating, and she tried everything possible. From airplanes, story-telling, watching TV, then forbidding me to watch TV, consulting the doctor several times, cutting everything in pieces so small that they actually would go down by themselves… Nothing helped. I really cannot explain why, because today I love eating, although I’m a bit picky… But I am almost constantly hungry and most often to be found in front of the fridge, opening it a thousand times a day, hoping to find something I feel like eating. ( I guess you know the strategy. Get hungry, check fridge, be dissappointed, close fridge, lower standards, repeat.) Apparently I have to make it up now for all the years when I was a child and did not want to eat.

Nevertheless, there was one food that I loved to eat even when I was a child, and that was Fuit Loops!!! Yeah, the colorful little cornflakes. I did not need to chew them, so at least that went down easily. And one thing that still reminds me of those quiet mornings when I was a child is eating dry Fruit Loops without the milk. I used to wake up really early and sneak into my parent’s bedroom to ask if I might get a little bowl of the cornflakes, and then I would sit and play quietly in my room until my mum got up a bit later. When I was younger I used to build really huge “worlds” for my toy animals and to imagine all kinds of adventures they went on, and to nibble my beloved Fruit Loops. So everytime I eat them now, it reminds me of those early mornings with me inventing all kinds of adventurous stories!

By the way… did you know that actually, ALL OF THESE LOOPS TASTE THE SAME???? I read that up on the internet the other day and I was totally devastated… How could that be true?! I mean, the purple ones where the best ones, while I did not like the green ones… And then it turns out, there is no difference!!!! I immediately ran to the next grocery store and bought some of them to try it out, and I have to admit that it’s true… As I said, absolutely devastating. But even though this might be true, the child in my heart will always favor the purple loops. Always.



2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Happy I-don’t-like-that!

  1. Nice one, a funny story for the end of the day.
    I’m still a pick eater, and this fridge thing, I know what you mean. I had the airplanes too, and “one for mummy” and “one for daddy” etc. I like cornflakes (well, chocoflakes) without milk, I still eat them sometimes, but I don’t remember any brand from my childhood. Maybe that’s good. Btw, I didn’t like pizza as a child until my mother found the “but it’s favourite for the Mutant Turtles” and I finally gave in and came to like it. Cheers. 😀

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