Who am I and what am I doing here?

I’ve been thinking about how to start this post now for at least an hour. In fact, I created this nice little blog some months ago already and somehow wasn’t “ready” enough to start this. I bet you know this feeling, you get up in the morning or maybe carry an idea around in your head for a few days and then decide to start it. You arrange your working space, clean up your apartment, prepare a nice hot cup of tea, maybe even turn some music on to foster your creativity.

–  And then you sit there, staring at your page.-

Or notebook. Or, in my case, the laptop screen. Just as I have been sitting here for the past hour. And the past weeks. But somehow, on this Sunday night, I finally gave up on reading tips and tricks of the likes of “how-to-really-ace-your-fist-post” and “terrible-things-you-should-avoid-at-all-costs-when-starting-to-blog-or-else-you’re-doomed”. Right now I just thought, whatever, I’ll just write something, the more thoughts I write down the more I have to edit from and decide whether or not to keep this in my post!

As I already tould you, it took me a long time to finally sit down and write these sentences. I’m a person with many dreams and interests, and I get easily fascinated by almost anything that is colorful, cute, crafted and carefree. I love to lose myself in imaginations about how I finally gather my courage to try out the watercolors I bought months ago and I’m scared about wasting because of lack of talent or practice. (Maybe you’d be scared, too, if you looked at the prices for them!) Or I think about all the books with beautiful covers I still need to read. Or about designing something like a book cover myself. Or deciding on what motive to use my last 4 polaroid pictures I have left in my pink Instax Mini. You see, there are simply a lot of things I would love to try out or start or complete. It seems to me that my biggest problem is to be brave enough to really do them! I want to stop imagining and start doing. Apparently, creativity needs some courage. I want to use this blog in order to have a platform to document my thoughts and little projects concerning crafts and arts, maybe some photography and painting and also the small things in my life that bring a smile to my face. I hope you’ll find something that will make you smile, too.



Facts about me:

  • 25 years old.
  • From Hamburg, Germany.
  • Graduated from Durham University with a postgrad degree in English Literature.
  • Worked as a barista -no, not Starbucks. I KNOW my coffee.
  • Now living in London, working in Marketing.
  • Enchanted by everything that has to do with paper and crafts.
  • PANDAS ♥
  • Always hungry for both food and new experiences.

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