Hello 2016, nice to meet you. My Midori is waiting.

bye bye 2015, hello 2016

So that’s really it, 2015 has come and gone, and a new year has begun! Today is January 1st, and as I am sitting here and contemplating what I have done, seen, and achieved in the last year, I realize that I’ve been through a lot in these past months.

For me, the past year actually started in September 2014.

And this isn’t because I use a different calendar than most of us do, but because in September 2014, I moved to the UK to do my postgraduate degree. I lived in beautiful Durham and studied English Literature for an entire year, and finished this September when I handed in my final dissertation on September 1st.

Durham castle and cathedral

Beautiful view of Durham on my walk into town every day.

Since then, I have moved back to Germany, but my biggest wish at the moment is to find a job in the UK and move back to this island I came to love so much this year.

But enough of this for now.

What I’ve been really excited about these past weeks is something completely different. Talking about calendars, last month I was finally able to get my hands on a Midori Traveler’s Notebook, a planner system by the Japanese brand Midori.

New midori traveler's notebook

And yes, because I am a huge lover of everything paper- and planner-related, I was absolutely hyped when I found it in a store in Hamburg. (Fellow plannernerds, you will understand.) I was so excited to get started on using and customizing it! When I was able to get it set up over the next days, I was overjoyed to discover the weekly insert actually starts on Dec 22nd, which meant that I could start using it the week after I bought it.

I use my Midori for both planning and some journaling/scribbling, and I just love that it can fit the needs of all kinds of users because it uses individual inserts that can be arranged however you like it!

Here’s a peek at how I’ve been using my Midori so far.

Journaling in my Midori

 Blank insert I use for doodling and writing down random thoughts.

I’m an avid collector of all kinds of ephemera and snippets, they just look wonderful  on my pages.


I love Kaweco’s Caramel Brown ink.

feel gratitude lettering

Attempting brush lettering with Faber Castell’s PITT artist pen….

So that’s it for now. I will keep updating on my Midori and how I use it throughout the year, and although I only just began to use it I can already tell that this was probably one of the best buys I’ve made in a long time.

Here’s to a wonderful and successful new year!

bye bye 2015, hello 2016

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