Happy #thirdwavewichteln from Helsinki to Hamburg.

#thirdwavecoffee package from Helsinki!

Apart from my love for beautiful stationery and planners, there is another thing I am passionate about: coffee.

I’ve been working as a barista for over 4 years now, and in these 4 years I came all the way from “extra-sweet large caramel latte” to “single-origin v60 please”. When I started to work at the coffee shop I still work at today, I already knew that their coffee was better than any of the other cafés in town had to offer. But I still preferred mine really sweet, drowning out the real taste of coffee with syrups or sugar. Black filter coffee? Hell, no!

keep cup
By now even my KeepCup says Black Coffee

But after a few cuppings and forcing myself to try freshly brewed coffee without milk and sugar, I slowly started to like the taste of black coffee and espresso drinks with a bit of milk only.

Fast forward to today, and I absolutely love trying coffee from different origins, comparing different brewing methods, and my favorite holiday activity is looking up new coffee places to explore.

This year, I also took part in #thirdwavewichteln, a project brought to life to expand global coffee culture. You register your address, receive someone else’s address in a raffle, and you send this person coffee. In return, someone else receives your details and sends you coffee from somewhere across the world. Sounds amazing, right?

I was so excited to send my coffee to someone in Taiwan, as this is one of my favorite places on earth. After sending off mine, I waited for my surprise to arrive… I was already losing hope, when finally, on January 2, a big envelope from Finland arrived!

#thirdwavecoffee package from Helsinki!
#thirdwavecoffee package from Helsinki!

Of course, I wanted to try my new coffee immediately, but I was on my way to work when I received the package, so I had to be patient… But yesterday I finally found the time to make a wonderful pour over at home, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

v60 setup at home
v60 setup at home
Julekaffe from Rost.Co in Helsinki
Julekaffe from Rost.Co in Helsinki

Weighing and grinding the beans, preheating the cup, and starting to pour… Nothing compares to that wonderful coffee smell.

pour over at home
Waiting for the coffee the bloom

Not only did I receive coffee in my package, but also a beautiful and lovely written card and delicious sweets. What more can you ask for? My little stash of coffee bags is definitely growing, and I can’t wait to try some more!


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