Customizing my Midori.

Personalized Midori

I’ve been using my Midori for three weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to buy it. I take it with me wherever I go, and the leather is starting to show these beautiful marks Midoris tend to get over time.

I’m really excited about how this beautiful notebook (and hopefully me too) is going to grow over the course of the next year, and I want to document all the little changes and additions I will hopefully come up with to make this Midori mine. So grab a cup of tea and join me on this planner journey!

At first, a few words on my current setup. So far I have my weekly horizontal planner inserts in the front, followed by the standard plain insert that comes with the traveler’s notebook when you buy it. Around this plain notebook sits my lovely craft folder, holding a few bits and pieces that are dear to me, like a lovely postcard and my Hogwarts Express ticket for Platform 9 3/4. In addition to that, I have the clear zipper pouch wrapping around all of my other inserts, which mainly holds stickers and other loose bits.

Customizing my Midori

My craft folder, the cover of my weekly planner, and some planner supplies.Personalized Midori

I love how chunky it has become!

One thing I absolutely love about this planner is that it was personalized for me. I bought it at a store called ‘Property of…’, and they included stamping your initials in the price! This way, it will always be my very own Midori.

What made me buy the traveler’s notebook in the first place, however, were all those beautiful posts I saw on instagram, of other planner lovers who decorated their Midori’s in the most beautiful and creative ways. As someone who loves paper and crafts, I knew I wanted to attempt the same.

Midori on my desk

Sitting down to plan and decorate can be both calming and a bit frustrating…

Unfortunately, this is harder than it seems! When I actually sit down to do some planning and decorating, it usually takes a lot of time and rearranging things until I am satisfied… And sometimes, it just doesn’t work out, because I misplace something, my lettering turns out to be too big, or I need to squeeze in spontaneous appointments… but hey, life isn’t perfect. So let’s try and embrace all those little imperfections.
Customizing planner front page in my Midori

After attempting it for two weeks, I finally had an idea on how to decorate the front page of my planner!

Do you also love planners and all things stationery? How do you decorate your planner, or do you prefer to have all your dates saved on your phone? I’m really curious to hear from other planner lovers from around the world because inspiration is everywhere!


5 thoughts on “Customizing my Midori.

  1. I absolutely love it! Having a planner is such a personal thing, I think it’s great to make it your own and put your stamp on it!
    Lucy Grace x

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