UK Coffee Shop Favorites.

latte art heart

As someone who is addicted to coffee and what my boyfriend calls “the coffee lifestyle”, one of my favorite things to do is to explore new coffee shops wherever I go. If you like coffee anywhere near as much as I do, you’ll probably relate to this.

I just came back from the UK, and I have been to two of my best-liked coffee shops in England. Now, these won’t be big names such as Kaffeine or Prufrock in London. These places provide more than wonderful coffee. These two coffee shops are important to me because I frequently visited them while living in the UK last year. (Yes, apparently even coffee shops can have sentimental value for a coffee nerd…)

The coffee lifestyle – One of my favorite things to do is exploring new coffee shops wherever I go.

The first one is Flat White in Durham. This tiny little gem, tucked away behind a bridge near the river banks, is always bustling with customers who enjoy their delicious coffees and freshly prepared sandwiches. I don’t lie in saying the coffee and the baristas there have often saved me from losing my mind over the piles of books I had to read and the numbers of essays to write.

Flat White Durham

Original Flat White Durham.

Just when I moved away, they opened up a new shop, Flat White Kitchen. Needless to say, this was top priority on my to-do list when I came back last week. The new place is huge, the interior similarly beautiful to the original, and the coffee and food still delicious! I mean, check out these pancakes.

pancakes at flat white

Serious pancakes going on at Flat White Kitchen.

Ricotta and blueberry pancakes, a portion big enough to share with a friend. That is, in case you really want to share this piece of pancake heaven.

My all-time favorite though is the carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting, and my entire family loved this seriously delicious treat.

Latte and carrot cake

Latte and carrot cake, my favorite duo.

The second coffee shop I came to enjoy so much is Bold Street coffee in Liverpool. I’ve been to Liverpool fairly often now, and my biggest coffee related achievement may probably be this: I managed to fill one and a half loyalty cards without even living in, or close to, Liverpool. Yes, that’s how much I like going there every single time I’m around.

Bold street coffee

Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool.

Bold street coffee

Loyalty cards in the making.

They also have changing art exhibitions on, with prints and originals available for purchase. What a wonderful idea to support local artists!

Bold street coffee

Lovely prints illustrating Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

Although it’s on such a busy street, I always find a spot inside to enjoy some wonderful coffee and hide from the steady Liverpool rain… (Yes, it really does rain every time I’m around.)

latte and book

Perfect for a break with a coffee and a book.

Another place I dropped in was Leaf on Bold Street. However, this is not another coffee temple, but as I visited it on my recent trip, I’ll mention it. As the name might suggest, this place is all about great tea. Recommended to me on instagram, I made sure to try it out and I was not disappointed.

I had a wonderful blueberry flavored white tea and, again, American style pancakes for breakfast. The interior is a mix of vintage, fairytale and industrial brick walls, and looks very welcoming even from the outside.

White tea at Leaf

White tea with blueberry flavor, simply yummy.

Pancakes at Leaf

Again, pancake heaven.

If you ever find yourself in one of those places, don’t hesitate to go in and indulge in some wonderful coffee and food, and maybe share your experience! Where are your favorite coffee spots in the UK, or around the world? Always open to recommendations from fellow coffee lovers!


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