Stationery Shopping in Liverpool.

Eager to use my new supplies in my Midori!

Last week I came back home from Liverpool and now I finally found the time to write a post about all the lovely stationery I found there!

As a self-pronounced stationeryholic, I cannot pass any store that has any beautiful pens, papers, or notebooks without going in. Even though I try not to accumulate too much clutter, this is one area where I really struggle to say no. And so it happened that I walked into a shop called Utility, a “store selling modern, original designer furniture, lighting, home accessories, gifts, watches and jewellery”. Located on Liverpool’s busy Bold Street (and also very close to Bold Street Coffee), this shop offers a wide array of all things beautiful and stylish.

Every time I’m in Liverpool I pop in, and apart from really useful Scouse-accent dictionaries, they sell a small selection of beautiful stationery. You can find useful notebooks, erasers in all shapes and sizes, mt washi tape, pens, and organizers for your desk.

Until now, I never bought anything in there, but this time, I just couldn’t resist any longer…

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
My small, yet satisfactory stationery shopping.

I bought the incredibly adorable Tombow PFit pen, which has a handy clip and came in different color variations. I liked this one the most, it’s pink with a blue clip and an orange click-thingy (I just realized, is there a word for this part? Did I just find a language-black hole?).

I also had to have these two washi tapes, transparent with golden dots and a pretty salmon color. I think they go together really well, too!

All the other things you can see in the photo above I bought in an art supplies shop, also on Bold Street. (You might realize by now that this is my favorite street in Liverpool…) The shop is called Rennies Arts and Crafts, and doubles as an art gallery. They have a wide selection of art supplies, from paints, canvases, inks, brushes to pens.

In there, I found the two clips to hold the pages of my Midori while I’m writing, the Pigma Micron fine liner, and these cute little alphabet stamps. I was looking for a set of these everywhere, but couldn’t find one that I liked. When I saw these, I had to buy them immediately.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
mt washi tape and Dovecraft alphabet stamps

All in all, I adore the little things I bought, and I am especially happy about the stamps and the Micron pen. I haven’t seen them in Hamburg so far, so I was happy to be able to get my hands on one.

My current pen favorites
My current pen favorites


Eager to use my new supplies in my Midori!
Eager to use my new supplies in my Midori!

Do you have any favorite stationery shops around the world? Let me know, I love discovering new places to supply my stationery addiction. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my planner life, see you next time!



6 thoughts on “Stationery Shopping in Liverpool.

  1. treasures!)) I’m a great fan of this stuff too but I’m trying not to buy any stationery anymore ’cause I don’t really have time and chance to use it. 😦 But when I was a handmade maniac I used to buy lots of this stuff, oh yes…) however there’s a Micron-5 pen right next to me, so all is not so bad 😉

    1. As long as there’s a Micron there’s hope haha 🙂 It’s true, I don’t have a huge collection of stationery but there’s still stuff I bought a stack of and only used a few sheets of or so.. So trying to use my stash and only getting essentials when I spot them 🙂

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