Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism.

Optimism is something that I really struggle with at the moment. Having graduated from university but not having found a job yet, dark winter days, and lots of work that hopefully, at some point, will get me where I want to be, do take their toll.

Everyone keeps on telling me to cheer up because things are not actually as bad as I see them. I believe this is true, but sometimes it really isn’t easy to snap out of this gloomy mood that can make me feel depressed for days.

However, there are things that always brighten my days. A good book will always provide me with an escape from everyday problems. Simply going outside is often the most simple solution; going for a walk around the harbor or seeing the first (even if actually too early) signs of spring reminds me that there is a great big world out there and ultimately, my problems are very small compared to some serious issues out there.

So here’s to optimism and believing in yourself. Often, we only need to remind ourselves that things are not as bad as they might look like, however hard that might be sometimes. So grab a book, go for a coffee, meet a friend, call your mum – there’s always room for optimism.



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