Weekly Poto Challenge: Time.

This week’s topic is Time, so I decided to take a photo of the moment before I open up the coffee shop I work at. The morning shift starts at 7:15 am and the shop opens at 8 am, so when I prepare everything and get ready to open up the shop, I love to hurry up and be done a few minutes earlier. There is nothing more relaxing than to make a cappuccino, sit down next to the window, and see the city waking up slowly before I open the doors for the morning rush.

Cappuccino and Daniel WellingtonEven 5 minutes can feel like much more when you’re mindful of your time.

Do you also take time in the morning before you start your day? How do you spent this time? Tell me about your mornings in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Poto Challenge: Time.

    1. That’s a really important step I believe! Sometimes it doesn’t work out though, like today, when I got up at 6am to get to a yoga class and then my train was stuck for half an hour between two stations and I missed the beginning of the class and couldn’t join them… Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  1. Hey Olivia! I love that you spend time every day to just relax and be mindful. To add to how great that is, you bring in coffee. What is better than that? I am also an avid coffee drinker but I can’t start my day like that often because I have two small children under the ages of 4 that love to get up by 6 a.m., promptly every day. No matter what, I need to take a moment to shower and say some prayers every morning!

    Thanks for your photo! Such a cool view.

    1. Hi Dan! That surely sounds like busy mornings you have, but I’m sure some time when your children will be grown up you will fondly remember these mornings 🙂 luckily, I don’t have to open up the shop everyday, as it’s only my part time job, but taking a moment every day over coffee really prepares for the customers or sets the mood for a productive day! Take care 🙂

  2. I love starting the day with a beautiful coffee. Alas my month of February is without coffee as I have committed to be alcohol and coffee free for the month as part of Febfast. I do not mind mising out on alcohol but I really miss my coffee.

    1. It’s really pretty! But to be honest, I’m often so busy at work that I don’t look outside for hours on time.. But seeing the sunset from there is just beautiful 🙂

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