A Trip to Berlin, Part Two: Coffee & Stationery.

Midori traveler's notebook

Apart from visiting all iconic sights and memorials in Berlin, which you can read about here, of course, I had to visit all the great coffee shops in the capital, as well. Being the prepared coffee nerd that I am, I made a list of all the coffee shops I wanted to visit and also saved their addresses in my Google maps app (pro tip!), so that I could easily navigate our way to our next caffeine fix.

As someone who gets incredibly excited over coffee even before drinking any of it, I was very much looking forward to visiting a few new places that I’ve had heard so much about before. So if you’re planning a trip to Berlin soon, or just want so see a few photos of pretty coffee shops, read  on!

The first stop on our coffee shop tour was The Barn, which is close to sights like the Jewish Synagogue or the Hackesche Höfe, beautiful courtyards with many cute little shops tucked away in them.The Barn

The Barn – small venue, wonderful coffee!

I’ve had their coffee before, either when friends brought it back from trips to Berlin or even at a place in London, but I never actually visited the real thing before. My boyfriend and I had lovely cappuccinos and a great time observing people passing by in front of the big windows. The Barn is really small inside, but we were lucky and a few people were leaving when we arrived, yay! The place was very cozy and had an entire wall full of shelves with coffee, and I had the hardest time not buying even more than I already have at home!

Yummy cappuccinos and a place packed with coffee, what else do you want?

Our second stop was Five Elephant Coffe & Cake, a place that was actually only a 15-minute walk away from our AirBnB place. We decided to have breakfast in here, and we both loved the interior. Maps everywhere! And a really clean, calm space, too.

Five Elephant


Again, we had delicious cappuccinos, my boyfriend even decided to get a second one, and tasty bagels with cream cheese and a chocolate chip cookie for desert. We also managed to take a look at their roastery, located just around the corner in a hidden backyard. While peeking through the windows, the door actually opened and we were invited inside to have a look! Of course, I was very excited about this opportunity and had a good wiff of freshly roasted coffee and a very nerdy conversation about cuppings and the importance of creating awareness about the coffee industry in general, after which I basically had to be dragged out of there by my boyfriend. (I happily could have stayed the rest of the day!)

The last coffee shop we visited together was Bonanza Coffee, a beautiful shop located near the Mauerpark (awesome open air markets in the summer!) and the Wall Memorial at Bernauer Straße. Bonanza Coffee

Coffee and independent magazines… yeah, we were quite ‘hipster’.

Personally, I absolutely loved the interior; they had a brew bar for pour over coffee in the middle of the front room, which looked very sophisticated. The coffee was delicious and creamy, and we had a flick through various independent magazines hanging on the wall.

The last place I visited after my boyfriend had to catch his flight back to the UK was No Fire No Glory, sitting almost between The Barn and Bonanza. Again, a great place with cozy sofas and lots of coffee merchandise on sale. And the coffee definitely helped me to get over the after-goodbye slump I was in!

No Fire No Glory

Selling coffee from The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen and working on a stunning Kees Van der Westen machine.

Last but not least (and thank you for staying with me if you made it all the way down here), I went for a little retail therapy to Luiban!

For all the stationery lovers, this your pen and paper heaven in Berlin. This wonderful little shop is packed, yet clean and organized, with papers, postcards, notebooks, washi tapes, Midori Traveler’s Notebook supplies, stamps, and a multitude of other wonderful things. I spent at least 20 minutes wandering in circles around that one small room, just feeling blissful about being surrounded by all of these beautiful things. I know, this probably takes a special kind of weird… but hey, everyone has their own quirks, right?

Luiban Berlin

That’s a postcard of the shop, I didn’t take any photos inside because it just felt a little rude in such a small place…

I ended up not buying much because everything has a price tag, after all, and trips are never cheap. But I could resist just buying a few decorative details for my Midori, and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my weekly spreads!

I hope you enjoyed my little recap of my recent trip to Berlin and thank you once again for sticking with my throughout my coffee-related ramblings! Have you ever been to Berin before, or do you have any upcoming trips? Let me know down below!


10 thoughts on “A Trip to Berlin, Part Two: Coffee & Stationery.

    1. Glad you liked it! I just use my iPhone 6 camera which I think is the best you can get with a mobile phone… (I actually based my decision on which phone to buy on the quality of the camera because I use it so frequently haha!) I also use an app called ‘Manual’ for taking my photos, but not always.

      1. Haha, it’s soo expensive though… I find that the lighting in photos is most important, even with a worse camera you can take nice photos when the light is great!

  1. how many cups of coffee do you actually drink a day??!)))
    I’ve never been to Berlin – only Munich, Nuremberg and Bamberg – so it’s still on my want-to-go-someday list 😉

    1. Haha, you’d think I drink tons of coffee, but to be honest, I never have more than a cup of coffee a day!! (Or if I’m at work, maybe 2 cappuccinos cause that’s with milk). Although I LOVE coffee my body doesn’t deal with caffeine too well :P!
      Hope you can visit Berlin one day, it’s such an interesting place!

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