Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind.

I love this weeks prompt! Capturing your state of mind in a photo can be such a creative challenge, especially because I believe there is never only one thing going on in your mind, but a multitude of emotions.

As some of my readers may already know, at the moment I’m looking for a job, planning on leaving Germany and moving to the UK, and also busy with a number of other work-related commitments. In between all of this, sometimes I have a very hard time to stay calm and concentrate on my tasks. Often I feel a little overwhelmed by my plans and a future that seem rather uncertain, but I try every day to maintain a positive outlook on things. More or less successful, of course.

On my recent trip to Berlin, which you can read about here and here, I spent a lot of time hanging around coffee shops, one of my favorite things to do in a new city. What I didn’t notice, though, was my boyfriend sneakily taking photos of me now and then! So when we were visiting Five Elephant Coffee & Cake, and I ordered a cappuccino and had my first sip of it, apparently, I did this:

Drinking coffee

Sipping coffee…. so so good.

I was definitely a little hesitant about posting this photo because I don’t particularly like having my face all over the interwebs, but then I thought it is a very good expression of my state of mind at the moment. Although I often feel like there’s a chaotic mess going on in my mind, I love winding down over things that I enjoy, like breakfast with coffee in a different city with someone who is important to me.

It’s not always easy to calm down and take 10 minutes to reflect on your situation and your state of mind, but it’s crucial to our well-being and to evaluate where we are in life. How do you wind down in stressful situations, and what are your little rituals to stay focused throughout your daily routine?

Let me know, I’m curious!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind.

  1. Lovely post ~ I’m with you on the coffee front ~ just enjoying one in fact! To wind down nowadays I do mindful colouring in a gorgeous book my daughter bought me. I have ythe most amazing collection of pens that I waste lots of money on and I totally lose myself in choosing colours, textures and just the right amount of sparkle!!
    I hope you get a job in UK soon~ its a great time to come as Spring is just about bursting out. There are daffodils everywhere.

    1. Aww thank you for your kind words. I do have two of these coloring books as well, I love losing myself in hours of coloring! Even though the process is still slow, as they are all so intricate. I can totally relate to your love of pens, I have tons of them, too! But it’s not a waste of money if you use them and it truly makes you happy! Have a great day and happy coloring!

  2. don’t know about coffee but I actually want that bagel now soooo baaaaad. :-\ *and that’s the answer to your question, by the way: FOOD.))*

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