Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance.

Trying to find reoccurring patterns around us, seeing the ‘dance‘ of nature… this is this week’s photo challenge!

Two days ago, I went on a day trip to the coast of the Baltic Sea. Living in Hamburg, the beach is very close; it takes us only about an hour by car to get there. I remember that when my sister and I were younger, our parents used to take us there almost every weekend, to play in the sand and breathe in fresh sea air.

While I was walking along the beach with my sister, I tried to stand as close to the water as possible without getting my shoes wet, always inching a little bit closer to the water and then jumping away once the waves came. I believe that we should never forget our inner child and this simple dance between the coming and going waves was a wonderful little game!

Here are some of the photos I took:

standing at the beachChasing the waves.

Waves rolling onto the beachWatching the dance of the waves.

It was a rather grey day and still cool, although it was the first day of spring. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the salty sea air and watching the waves for a little while.


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